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Things to know when hiring this service.


For the design to be functional, the designer follows rules and concepts, which must be respected throughout the entire process.


The process also has its steps. We analyze customer information and discard what doesn't work and what can be added to the project. In addition to the customer's personal taste, we consider what makes the design functional.


The briefing serves to collect as much information as possible about the client and the project to be developed, if the client does not have many ideas about what he wants, the art director will be responsible for creating a previously approved concept for the development of the project.


The company name should not be created by the founder themselves without a previous analysis by a professional. For this reason the NAMING creation process of the brand is so important at the beginning of a project, even before the design.


1. Discover

Discover the problem to be solved. Sometimes you may be looking for service X, but maybe product Y would be more effective for you.

4. Design

The main function of design is to work, for that the professional (designer) will make the best decisions for the project

2. Briefing

After understanding the problem and how to solve it, we will gather information about the business to start developing the project.

5. Conclusion

The conclusion of a project is not the end, it must be followed up to certify that everything that was prepared before will be fulfilled and well developed for the launch.

3. Concept

The elaboration of a solid concept makes your brand more than just a design and a name chosen at random.

6. Complementary services

Social Media, Websites, Mobile Apps, and Print Design. Each piece thought and created together, analyzing costs and functionality, maintaining a visual identity.

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Creation and management of brands, as the biggest companies do


social media

Design and Management for social media



Creating great websites. No limits for tools and functionality

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Team Members

Eduardo Couy

Art Director / Designer / Creative

Melanie Salmon

Project Manager / Sales

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